DFL Endorsed Candidates for Minnesota Offices

General Election Tuesday, November 6. 2018

All of the candidates listed on this page won their primary elections.  This is a list of all the democratic candidates you will see on November 6.  Vote Blue!!

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Senate District 41 A & B

Connie Bernardy

Minnesota State Representative
for 41A
2001 – present

Representative Bernardy is currently the DFL lead on several committees including Transportation and Regional Governance Policy, Higher Education and Career Readiness Policy and Finance, and Transportation Finance.  She is running for re-election and is not facing a primary challenger.

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Mary Kunesh-Podein

Minnesota State Representative
for 41B
2016 – present

Representative Kunesh-Podein is currently on the following committees Agriculture Policy, Education Innovation Policy, Select Committee on Technology and Responsive Government, and the State Government Finance committee.  She is running for re-election and is facing a primary challenger in August.

Where does the Representative stand on the issues?

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Nelle Bing

For City Council – Columbia Heights

Nelle is a resident for Columbia Heights along with her husband and daughter.  She wants to represent the residents of Columbia Height. “First, it is about being a representative of the city at-large, spending time with residents, getting to understand their needs and wants. Second, it is about taking time in the council chambers to think, “Is this what our community wants?” Lastly, through it all, it is about working together as a team with fellow councilpersons in order to keep the best interest of the City of Columbia Heights at the forefront of the agenda.”  He vision for the city includes emphasis on the park system, safe pedestrian spaces and youth involvement.

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Tim Walz and Peggy Flanagan

United States Congressman
2007 – present

Tim’s legislative accomplishments are remarkable.  In addition to his work on the Farm Bill, the Lewis & Clark Regional Water System, Minnesota Highway 14, and the Minnesota State Veterans Cemetery in Preston (MN), Tim introduced the STOCK Act, a bill that sought to limit congressional insider trading. On March 22, 2012, the STOCK Act passed with overwhelming bipartisan support in both the House and the Senate.

Tim is a member of the House Agriculture Committee and currently serves as the ranking member of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee. Tim serves as co-chair of the National Guard & Reserve Components Caucus, the House Congressional Veterans Jobs Caucus, and the Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus. He co-founded the Congressional Propane Caucus.

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Attorney General

Keith Ellison

US Congressman 2007 – Present

Before entering politics, Keith spent 16 years as an attorney specializing in civil rights and defense law, including five years as the Executive Director of the Legal Rights Center. As the leader of this public interest law firm, Keith oversaw a team of attorneys focused on delivering justice for Minnesotans who had nowhere else to turn. Keith earned his law degree from the University of Minnesota Law School in 1990.

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State Auditor

Julie Blaha

State AFL-CIO Secretary and Former Teacher

As a union treasurer, Ms. Blaha has worked to make sure members have clear, accurate financial information so they can make sound decisions for their organization.  As a math teacher, Ms. Blaha worked not only in the classroom, but with parents to pass school levies and as a member of the Governor’s School Finance Task Force to give students the resources they deserve.  She is not facing a primary opponent in August.

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Secretary of State

Steve Simon

Minnesota Secretary of State

Steve Simon is Minnesota’s 22nd Secretary of State. He was sworn into office on January 5, 2015, and as Minnesota’s chief elections administrator pledged in his inaugural address to “work with anyone, of any political affiliation, from any part of our state” to protect, defend, and strengthen the right to vote in Minnesota.  He was also one of the first to refuse to turn over voter registration information to the President’s voter fraud council.  He is not facing a primary in August.

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Ramsey County Races

County Attorney

John Choi

Ramsey County Attorney
2011 – 

John’s innovative approach to holding abusers accountable, while working collaboratively with advocacy agencies to help victims, has transformed the way government intervenes in domestic violence and sex trafficking situations. In addition, John has been a champion of engaging men to prevent violence against women and children; successfully advanced legislation to reunite families when it’s in foster children’s best interest; implemented new performance-based outcomes for juvenile diversion programs; developed the use of lethality assessment protocols and GPS technology to keep domestic violence victims safe; created pre-charge diversion for adults; and established a Veterans Court.

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County Sheriff

Jack Serier

Ramsey County Sheriff
2017 – 

Since becoming Sheriff in early 2017, I have worked on behalf of the people of Ramsey County to forge a Sheriff’s Office that not only reflects our community, but engages people through a “heart of service.”  Sheriff Serier  is committed to racial and gender diversity, balancing the budget, fully staffing detention centers and improving mental health support in the criminal justice system.

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Hennepin County Races

County Attorney

Mark Haase

Running for County Attorney

Before becoming an attorney, I was a Coast Guard law enforcement officer, teacher, and a youth advocate. I saw our justice system failing the most vulnerable in our community, and felt driven to focus my  energies and expertise on law and criminal justice policy.

I co-founded the Second Chance Coalition, worked for years at the Council on Crime and Justice, led bipartisan efforts to reform drug sentencing and juvenile records laws, worked to restore voting rights for former offenders, and was a leader on the Ban the Box campaign.

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County Sheriff

Dave Hutch

Running for Sheriff

Dave Hutchinson, or “Hutch,” is a 15-year law enforcement and public safety professional.  Since 2006, he has served with the Metro Transit Police Department.  He currently holds the position of sergeant, working on the north side of Minneapolis and surrounding suburbs.  He also supervises the Peer Support Program, Crisis Intervention Training (CIT), and Community Engagement Team.  Before joining Metro Transit, Hutch worked as a Police Officer in Bayport, a small community with a population of just over 3,000 people.

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County Commissioner

Irene Fernando

Running for County Commissioner

I co-founded Students Today Leaders Forever (STLF) with a mission of revealing leadership through service, relationships, and action. What started as an optimistic idea quickly transformed into a thriving nonprofit. During my 11 years there, STLF ran over 600 programs with 22,718 students contributing 318,000 hours of service to communities across the country. In 2015, I was selected as a Bush Foundation Fellow and began teaching social entrepreneurship at St. Mary’s University. Currently, I work within a newer division at Thrivent Financial leading around organizational design, culture, and talent.

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US Congressional Candidates

Ilhan Omar

Minnesota State Representative for 60B
2016 – present

Representative Omar is the assistant minority leader and currently on committees in the state house for Civil Law and Data Practices Policy, Higher Education and Career Readiness Policy and Finance, and State Government Finance.  In her first term, Ilhan had major wins. She expanded childcare grants for student parents, funded summer enrichment programs for low income students, measles education and prevention programming, and the Somali Museum of Arts. She also successfully negotiated over $200 million, investing in critical bonding projects for our District and State.



Betty McCollum

United States Representative
for CD4
2001 – present

McCollum made history as only the second woman elected to serve in Congress from Minnesota since statehood in 1858. In the House, Congresswoman McCollum is a member of the House Appropriations Committee where she serves as the ranking Democrat on the Interior-Environment Subcommittee and as member of the Defense Subcommittee. She is also  Democratic co-chair of the Congressional Native American Caucus and the founder and co-chair of the Congressional Global Health Caucus. McCollum also serves as House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi’s appointment to the National Council on the Arts.


Where does the Representative stand on the issues?

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United States Senate

Amy Klobuchar

US Senator for Minnesota
2007 – present

Currently Senator Klobuchar serves as the Ranking Member on the Judiciary Subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy and Consumer Rights, where she has worked to advance policies that protect consumers from anti-competitive behavior and make sure businesses are able to compete on a level playing field.  She served as Majority Leader in the House from 2013-2014 and Assistant Minority Leader 2015-2016.  She is running for re-election in 2018.

Where does the Senator stand on the issues?

Tina Smith

US Senator for Minnesota
January 2018 – present

Senator Smith was appointed to office by Governor Dayton to fill Senator Franken’s seat when he resigned from office.  Prior to her appointment Ms. Smith was the Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota (2014 – 2018).  In her short term the Senator has introduced a bill to hold drug companies accountable and has stood with fellow Democrats on votes.

Where does the Senator stand on the issues?

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