Step 1: Register to Vote or Verify Your Registration

To vote in Minnesota you must be:

If you meet all of the requirements then you can register and vote in Minnesota.  Minnesota allows you to register to vote as late as election day so no excuses!  You can register online, by mail or in person on election day at your polling place.  Registration temporarily closes 20 days before the election, and opens again on Election Day for voters who register at their polling place.  For all the details about voting go to the Secretary of State’s web page.

Check your registration status here.

Register online

It’s quick and easy! You will need your Minnesota driver’s license or Minnesota identification card number, or the last four numbers of your Social Security number.

Register on paper

Download and print forms in English and other languages. Use these forms to register yourself or to register others in a voter registration drive.

Register on Election Day

You can register or update your registration when you vote, whether that is at your polling place on Election Day or at an early voting location. You will need proof of residence to register. Learn more about registering when you vote.

Step 2: Locate Your Polling Place

Especially if this is your first election go online and find your polling place.  Your polling place is based on your address so as long as you live here you are all set!  Most polling places will be open 7 am to 8 pm however if you are in a small town, less than 500 people, your polling place may not open until 10 am so check before you go to vote.  As long as you’re in line by 8 p.m., you can vote, even if you do not reach the front of the line until after 8 p.m.  Depending on when you register to vote, you may need to bring proof of residence to the polling place.  You DO NOT need ID to vote in Minnesota!

Step 3: VOTE!

Change can’t happen if you don’t cast your ballot on or before Election Day.  There are several ways to vote in Minnesota including in advance by mail, in advance in person and the traditional polling place on election day.  We encourage everyone to vote early as you never know what may happen on election day.  This is Minnesota we could get a blizzard!  We need everyone’s voice to be heard this year so vote early if you can.

Vote By Mail

You don’t need a reason.  Anyone in Minnesota can vote by mail in ballot starting 46 days before the election.  You can apply for a ballot any time during the year, except the day of the election. Leave time for election officials to mail your ballot and for you to return it on or before Election Day.  Your ballot will not count if it is received after Election Day so be sure you mail your ballot no later than 10 business days before Election Day!

Vote Early In Person

All voters have at least one location where they can vote early in person with an absentee ballot. Depending on where you live, there may be additional locations. For most elections, absentee voting locations must be open during their normal business hours starting 46 days before the election.  Check with your city offices to see if there is an in person early voting location in your area.

Vote on Primary or Election Day

Don’t want to bother with voting early or mailing a ballot, then show up to your polling place on November 6.  Not only will you get to see your fellow community members you will get the coveted I Voted sticker.  Be sure to take a selfie and share it with us on Facebook or Instagram.  You just need to be in line before 8 pm on November 6 and your vote will count.

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