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Running for office is not cheap.  The average candidate will spend more time fundraising than legislating but with your help we can change that.  Your donation allows us to continue the work of supporting our candidates campaigns and getting DFLers out to vote for those candidates.  Every donation, no matter the size, is put to good use supporting DFL candidates here in SD41.  Thank you for your generosity.


Your efforts are needed to keep DFLers in elected office. Time is the one thing of which we can’t make more.  Click the button below to join our volunteer e-mail list.  We will reach out to you when we need help.

Get Active

Join the SD41 and become an active member.  Meetings are held once a month and open to anyone who wants to get active in their community.  There are always snacks and usually good discussion and plenty of opportunities for getting involved.  Check out the Events page for more info.

  • Tue
    6:30 pmZoom

    DFL Senate District 41 is proud to present a Forum on Domestic Terrorism. This is a much anticipated event especially in light of the attack on our US Capitol on January 6th. Please join us! We have a distinguished panel of Legislators and Public Officials.

    If you would like to join or have any questions, please feel free to email us :

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