By Phillip Wynn, SD 41 member

The last two years have been an overwhelming trial for many Americans. It began with the surprising, and disastrous, election of a sociopathic criminal to the highest office in the land, a man – if we dare dignify him by such a term – as devoid of competence as he is of respect for our democratic institutions. His administration – if we dare dignify it by such a term – has since featured one rank indecency after another, while its “leader” and his fascistic enablers in the Republican party have celebrated each successive atrocity with sadistic glee.

The decent people of this country, including some Republicans, have regarded this carnival of depravity with mounting horror. As there seems no one able or willing to curb the madness, emotions among these decent people have run the gamut from shocked disbelief, to helpless anger, and, for many, hopelessness in the face of apparently unstoppable evil.

The last emotion has particularly affected many women who watched, horrified, as a man credibly accused of sexual assault was elevated to a seat on the highest court in the land, while his accuser was not only deluged with insult and vituperation, but even forced to flee her home with her family out of fear for her life. Her searing testimony before a kangaroo court of unsympathetic and hostile men reawakened in millions of women excruciating memories of their own past sexual traumas.

So it’s no wonder that many Americans, that many Democrats, feel depressed and angry as we count down to election day 2018.

All the more reason, I say … to ACT!!!

Action is the cure I promised in the title. Here I know personally whereof I speak. I have known both anger and depression – and a bit of past trauma as well.

And, as many a clinician will tell you, and as I am telling you now – based on personal experience – ACTION is one of the best treatments available to everyone.

But what can I do, you say? In a minute. But first, at the risk of rubbing your nose further in what is depressing you, let me remind you that YOU, all of you, are called to action not just for yourself. That is the Republican way.

No. You are challenged to look beyond yourself, to ACT because of:

The victims of sexual assault, whose reluctance to come forward has just now been shown to be fully warranted; the millions cruelly victimized by our health not care; the mentally ill and disabled, often cast aside like so much garbage; the millions who have to work two jobs, or more, in an often vain effort to check their slide into poverty; the people of color who can get shot, in their own homes, for the crime of existing; our own children – our CHILDREN! – who now at their school have to worry more about getting shot than passing a test; the children torn from their families by a fascistic police force motivated by a crude, nightmarish dream of white supremacy; and many, many other things, the last but not least being the climate ravages that are currently sweeping the globe, while our “leaders” stick their heads in the sand and muse on how much more money can be given to the rich.

THEY are the ones for whom you must soldier past your anger and your depression. THEY are the ones on whose behalf you must direct your anger in a good cause, a righteous cause.

So, for those in Senate District 41 who want to act, I have a suggestion. This Saturday, starting at 11 o’clock, at the home of our state representative Connie Bernardy (2810 Linden Drive in New Brighton), she and other DFLers running for office, including my representative in the U.S. House of Representatives, Betty McCollum, will be gathering for a door knocking in our district.

If this isn’t your thing, there are other ways you can contribute. For instance, my wife Pam will be cooking a dish for that event. You could do that, or something else. Because there’s always something a volunteer can do to help the cause, in this what is, beyond any doubt, easily the most important election year in my lifetime, bar none.

Don’t let the events of the last few weeks leave you so discouraged that you feel it’s too hopeless to do anything. That’s exactly what Trump and the Republicans want you to feel. Do you really want to do what THEY want you to do? That being … nothing?

Remember the words of Martin Luther King: “We must at times accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”

If not this Saturday, find a way to act before November 6. Build up your hopes to overmatch the sum of your fears. You will be better for it … and so will your country … and so will your fellow Americans.

— Phillip Wynn

Author: Nathan West