​It is disgusting when a group is singled out for being different. This is true whether we’re talking about women, LBGTQIA+ folks or people who practice a religion with which we are unfamiliar. ​


The recent attacks on Muslims by the 4th Congressional District GOP and, more recently, Jeff Johnson, are an example of disgusting behavior. Islam is the second largest and fastest growing religion in the world, with 1.8 billion followers. It is the third largest religion in the United States; there are an estimated 2.15 million Muslim adults in this country. Approximately 58% of America’s Muslims are immigrants, here because they chose to embrace an American Dream of their own.


We at the DFL, especially in DFL Senate District 41 with it’s many vibrant Islamic centers, welcome all people who are otherwise eligible to participate in the DFL Precinct Caucuses regardless of who, how or whether they worship. This includes our Muslim friends. The DFL is a welcoming place for all peoples, and we want our Muslim neighbors to know that they are welcome at DFL Precinct Caucuses or any other event that we host. The GOP may be willing to alienate this critically important portion of our population, but we welcome them with open arms.


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Author: Rachel Nelson