What the heck’s a “precinct caucus?”

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A “precinct” is a political subdivision of a municipality. Each municipality draws its own precincts. Hilltop only has one precinct while Fridley has 12!

A “caucus” is just a meeting of a group of people who share a similar interest, which in this case is association with the Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) party.

Therefore, a precinct caucus is really nothing more than a community meeting of politically aligned individuals.

What do you do at a precinct caucus?

Precinct caucuses mark the official beginning of the election cycle in Minnesota. It is at precinct caucuses that you:

  • Begin to choose which candidates will campaign with DFL support;
  • Decide who will hold certain leadership positions within the local DFL party; and
  • Submit and discuss resolutions, which can then go on to become part of the state party’s platform.

Why should I go to precinct caucus?

If you want to have a say in who the DFL party supports and what the DFL party stands for, you should plan to attend the precinct caucuses.

Precinct caucuses are a public forum where folks can make their voices heard within the political process. It allows you and your neighbors to come together and discuss issues that matter to your community. Participating in caucus is the earliest and most definite way to have a direct impact on candidates, local party officers and the party’s platform.

All right, I’m in – when are precinct caucuses?

Precinct caucuses are Tuesday, February 6 at 7 p.m.

Registration opens at 6:30, so plan to get there early to get checked-in.

Residents of New Brighton, Fridley and Spring Lake Park precinct 2 will be caucusing at Fridley High School (6000 W Moore Lake Drive).

Residents of Hilltop, Columbia Heights and St. Anthony Village will be caucusing at Columbia Academy (900 49th Ave NE, Columbia Heights).


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Author: jere21powers