Greetings fellow 41st and 37th district members, summer is upon us once again.

Following the news these days might make you want to crank up the air conditioning and sequester inside. But luckily our esteemed forty-fifth president can’t put a tariff on the best darn picnic in the Twin Cities. And so, as we have every year since Jesse Ventura was governor, we’ll gather for our annual picnic once again on August 9th, 2019.

Not only is this an excellent opportunity to support your local DFL candidates, but more importantly it’s a perfect opportunity to rub elbows with the community members that elect those candidates. Yes, you will definitely hear the going’s-on from your local representatives. And yes, you can stuff yourself silly on burgers, sweets, and lemonade. But, it’s a rare treat to enjoy a summer day the way it was meant to be enjoyed while making some serious societal progress towards relegating number Forty Five to the presidential history books.

Last year we heard from candidates for governor and more down the ticket, and we had a silent auction that included some local historic political items, as well as some old-fashioned fun. So prepare yourself! And now with each cringe-worthy news story you read, you can instead look forward to the rockin’ political picnic of the summer!

Author: Nathan West