Safety. They keep telling us it is about safety. But in August they went after immigrants who came here for medical care that they need to live, telling them to go back, that they had overstayed. To go back to countries that lack the medical specialists they need. To countries where they will die. If the administration feels that such people are a threat to our safety, they are cowards.

But they are more than cowards. They don’t care about the people who would die. It was never about safety. It was about flexing their muscles and showing that they could control those who are powerless and unimportant. Because in their mind, power and importance go hand-in-hand. They are important because they have power, and they have power because they are important.

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending. Like so many of the current administration’s decisions, ordinary people, the “powerless,” the “unimportant,” came together to push back against their efforts. The House Oversight Committee responded to these concerns by holding hearings. And the administration backed down.

It’s a story we have seen play out over and over in the last two years. The administration puts profit before people, and people come together to push back. In an era where those in positions of power believe that people exist to serve the government and not the other way around, it is important that people who care about their neighbors and their communities work together to uphold the principles of basic human decency. We have seen this in action, not only in this case, but in the opposition and outcry in response to the border wall, internment, family separations and other acts.

On October 9, DFL Senate District 41 will be holding a forum on Immigration. We encourage you to attend to learn more about current events in this area and what can be done about them.

Event Information:  October 9th, 6 PM

St. Anthony Village City Hall & Community Center: 3301 Silver Lake Rd NE, Saint Anthony, Minnesota 55418

Author: Nathan West