Greetings all Senate District 41 members. Early primary voting at your city hall and by mail has begun! That means that our precinct caucus is just around the corner. The caucus is the meeting where we select delegates and set values for the DFL and the lead-in to our senate district’s convention in March. The delegates we nominate here get to represent us at the next conventions, perhaps even the state convention in June.   

Minnesotans are the first in the nation to begin voting in the Democratic primary this year. And although Iowans will see their votes counted first, attending our caucus will be crucial for more than just picking a presidential candidate, here are my top three reasons to attend:

  1.       Put your fingerprints all over the issues you care about! If you care about climate, healthcare, etc. then this is your chance to organize with other caucus members who care just as deeply as you do about the outcomes. You, the citizen, should be in the driver’s seat of your local policies and caucusing is the vehicle for getting those policies represented in the DFL party platform. The caucus is important for funneling ideas and movements up the chain to our party’s leaders. Bringing a resolution (or several) to the caucus is fairly easy, check out this guide from They have an excellent summary of the process and plenty of template resolutions ready to bring straight to the caucus.
  2.       Meet fellow Democrats that are not just political junkies, but political actors! These are your neighbors, our kids attend the same schools, and our caucus attendees are committed to building movements around Democratic values. You could watch the news ‘til your eyes turn to mush, but you won’t really understand your community until you mix it up with other local DFL’ers. I promise that you will come away from the caucus feeling motivated, excited to get involved, and impressed with your Fighting 41 community.
  3.       Help build the movement that will dump Trump! It is incredible to think that we have lived through three years of chaos, lies, dysfunction, and corruption. November 2020 cannot come fast enough. The caucus is where our ball gets rolling, where we activate new DFL members and motivate long-time attendees. This is your chance to join the blue wave that will dump Trump and spark a new progressive era.


When is the caucus? On February 25th at 7pm

Where? If you live in Columbia Heights, St.Anthony, or Hilltop you caucus at Columbia Academy: 900 49th Ave NE. Columbia Heights, MN 55421.

If you live in Fridley, Spring Lake Park, or New Brighton, you caucus at Fridley High School: 6000 W. Moore Lake Dr. NE. Fridley, MN 55432


Author: Nathan West